The Storm!!!

A call for concern.

Today I’ll like to bring to your notice a certain regular occurence that doesn’t come to mind or ring a bell while dealing with setbacks in a relationship.

Have you ever being so worried about a few issues in your relationship that is NOT right and you decide to discuss it with your partner, yet he/she shys away from listening to what you have to say or even after listening, doesn’t take your concerns seriously, or choose to work on it ? As we know, each person’s concern shouldn’t be taken for a joke as it may just be the beginning of an end of the relationship.

How do you feel when your partner prefers to ignore what troubles you or ignore certain serious issues that calls for concern to reshape the relationship?

Tell Me! I believe this can hurt so bad or make you wonder if you both are on the right track. Once you notice that your partner who claims to value what you both share seem Not to be moved by your worries in the relationship, please this is a big❓(question mark). Think about the numerous things he or she have asked you to adjust or work on a specific subject for the sake of the relationship and you did but it’s hard for he or she to reciprocate. Please your best option would be to flea, quit, and retain your sanity, as your partner doesn’t appear to care about your feelings, or emotions or may not just care about you as much, to want to fix an issue. It probably might not end on the right foot. At this point, your relationship needs to be re-strategized but if strategy isn’t forthcoming, I’d rather you take a walk.

This attitude of shying away from fixing what needs to be fixed from both parties is a big RED flag. I describe it as The Storm in a relationship.

One comment

  1. Going by your position above, the question “Is love enough?” comes to mind. The idea that loving someone is enough to right their wrongs or help overlook their shortcomings.
    Well, I believe relationships are synonymous with sacrifice, a complimentary trade of values, interests and the desire to become. Become a little less to gain a whole lot more than yourself. The bigger issue is finding the perfect balance to not lose the fundamentals that defines your individuality.

    There also exists the flip side which is “Peculiar sensitivity” is the party calling for a change peculiarly sensitive to things which would otherwise not be an issue to anyone else? Cause if they are, then it’s a “them issue” and not a “You” issue. In this case what do you do? Do you still advise to take this as a “Question Mark” and walk away?

    -Just engaging-


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