This May Be All You Need To Know Now!!!

Life Is more spiritual than physical. There is always a need to take it seriously. When I mean “take it seriously”, I don’t mean killing yourself with it. But to an extent. Live life with a physical and spiritual balance. Living a totally carefree life/canal life will most definitely lead you nowhere in life.

A sneak peek to single ladies/guys. Before you say YES to be married, ensure to have a balanced spiritual life. You’ll need it.

Basically, work on getting close to God. Be prayerful while you can now. Before you say “I do”. Because when you are married, your spirituality may or may not be heightened. There’ll be a need to be more prayerful. At that point, you will no longer be praying for yourself alone/ your family but you’ll be praying for your spouse/family as well. It takes a lot to be committed to prayers. Times shall come when you’ll be distant from God, and sadly, He’s all you’ll need at that time. So this is the best time for you to take God and his instructions seriously. Do it now to the best of your ability, till it becomes a part of you, once you are married, it won’t be difficult to run to him at all time.

Lastly, Now is the time to double-check your partner, if you are in a relationship. It is very important to be with a spouse that is a Christian, a believer of God, a godfearing person, who loves, respects and care about your wellbeing as much as your do to him/her. Because when your partner is godfearing, there are things he/she will avoid doing especially things that will upset you and most definitely upset God.

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